Terms & Conditions

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars and we measure in metres, so you get approximately 3 more inches of fabric than buying by the yard. Most pre-orders take place https://northernrosefabrics.com/collections/pre-order
Please be aware pre-orders take approximately 6-12 weeks for me to receive after the pre-order closes. Pre-orders are usually open for 1-4 weeks. Depending on the size of the pre-order, it takes approximately 1-3 weeks for me to inspect, cut, pack and ship all pre-orders. Turnaround for retail orders when I am not cutting a pre-order is a maximum of 5 business days, when cutting a pre-order turnaround time can be up to 10 business days maximum. 
All concerns and questions can be sent to our facebook page Northern Rose Fabrics, via personal message to the owner Samantha Gowanlock, through website form, and through email northernrosefabrics @ gmail . com Please allow 48 hours for a response back.
PLEASE no adding retail to pre-orders. I do not have the space to hold on retail until pre-orders come in. Your pre-order with retail will be cancelled immediately. You are welcome to add retail to your pre-order a week before it is scheduled to arrive. 
If you would like to pickup your order, please leave a note and I will refund your shipping. 
Pricing Custom Prints (Prices are in Canadian currency and subject to change) 
  • Cotton lycra $13.5 per HALF METRE pre order $14.50 per HALF METRE retail
  • Bamboo Lycra $13.50 per HALF METRE pre order, $15 per HALF METRE retail
  • Swim $11.00 per HALF METRE pre order, $12.00 per HALF METRE retail
  • French Terry $14 per HALF METRE pre order, $15.50 per HALF METRE retail
  • Cotton Woven $12.5 per HALF METRE pre order, $14.00 per HALF METRE retail
  • Double Brushed Poly $11.00 per HALF METRE pre-order, $12 per HALF METRE retail
  • Canvas $13 per HALF METRE pre order $14.50 per HALF METRE retail
  • Minky $13 per HALF METRE pre order $15 per HALF METRE retail
  • Super Plush $14 per HALF METRE

Fat halves can be requested by leaving a note in your order. No extra charge will be added, If there is no note you will receive a regular half metre cut. 

(Please note not all bases will be offered for every pre-order, prices of fabric and shipping is subject to change)
Updates for pre-orders will be found in the files section of the group, and most information can be found in the pinned post. With that being said, you are always encouraged to ask questions if you need more information or clarification. We believe communication is key to good customer service. You can ask your questions via email or facebook. I do ask for a little more patience with getting questions answered when I'm cutting a pre-order <3 
Refunds /  Flaws / Cancellation
You may cancel a pre-order at anytime BEFORE a pre-order closes. There is no cancellation fee or penalty for doing so. You may not cancel a pending pre-order after the closing date of a pre-order. In cases of LAYAWAY, if you do not pay your final layaway balance you will be sent fabric in the amount you have already paid. 
You have 7 business days to fully inspect your fabric and report back to Northern Rose Fabrics for a resolution of flawed fabric. My flaw rate is very low, but mistakes can happen and I might have missed it. Due to the nature of digitally printed fabric some minor flaws can occurs. This may include small white flecks and spots can happen and are part of the normal printing process. Flaws smaller than a dime are acceptable and will not be refunded. However, clusters of white/black specks will be considered flawed. Any flaw bigger than a dime will be sold as seconds/flawed fabric at a discount. Smudges/printing marks/small holes can also be expected on the selvages of the fabric and are normal up to 4 inches into the sides of the fabric, this is not considered a flaw and will not be refunded. We leave these to optimize your cutting area <3 Marks on the wrong side of the fabric is not considered flawed and will not be refunded. Slightly crooked cuts as long as they measure at least 39 inches in length is not considered flawed and will not be refunded.
Yardage is guaranteed to be continuous up to 4 metres. For example, if you order 7 metres you are guaranteed at least 4 metres to be in 1 cut, but the rest might be in a 3 metre cut, or a 2 metre cut + 1 metre cut. I try my very best to make sure everything is continuous. 
Please note colours may differ from what you see on the computer/cell phone screen to what you receive. In circumstances that colour varies more than 10 per cent from strike off vs bulk order a refund/reprint/partial refund will be offered. Different fabric bases may look differently. All strike off pictures are sewn and photographed using the base cotton lycra. Strike offs for all other bases are usually not ordered. Please note the other bases such as double sided minky, french terry, bamboo lycra, and cotton woven may look different. If you are uncomfortable with this please do no not order. 

Please note there may be a possibility that all prints can be printed slightly off grain by up to 1" as it is very difficult to digitally print 100 % straight with stretchy knit fabric. No refunds will be offered if the design is printed 1 inch or less off grain. Refunds/discounts/reprints will be offered for anything printed more than 1 inch off grain.
If your fabric is classified as flawed Northern Rose Fabrics will give you multiple options in regards to your fabric. 
Option 1: Full refund on fabric and paid return shipping of flawed fabric back to northern rose fabrics
Option 2: Partial refund for keeping flawed fabric. 
Option 3: Keep flawed fabric and receive replacement at no cost as long as there is a replacement available.
Fabric is not considered short unless it measures less than 39 inches for 1 metre of fabric BEFORE washing/drying. Same options above apply for shorted fabric. 
Please note some shrinkage can occur after washing and drying our fabric of 1-3 inches is considered normal. 
Certain fabric types like double brushed polyester are more prone to rips/tears because of the brushing process. No refunds will be given from holes and tears after use. 
Wash / Care Instructions
  • For best colour results always wash in cold water with similar colours
  • Use delicate/gentle cycle
  • Use colour catchers
  • Dry on low-medium heat

I have not received complaints of fading. Normal wear will cause any digitally printed fabric to fade over time. This is considered normal. Our printer uses safe reactive dyes during the printing process. 

Please be aware colour variance of 5-10 % is considered normal. Various computer monitors and cell phone screens can display colours differently. Certain fabric bases absorb dye differently. Colours printed on swim and double brushed polyester can look quite differently than printing the same design on cotton lycra, french terry, woven etc. This is not considered a flaw and will not be refunded. The majority of my pre-orders have strike offs sewn up so you can see how the digital file will print. Sometimes I do not have strike offs of certain bases. Please note the colour may look differently on different bases as explained above. 


Rules of the Facebook Group 
  • No promoting other custom fabric groups on the facebook group wall
  • I prefer personal messages or emails in regards to issues with orders but you are still welcome to post on the facebook page or group if that is more convenient for you :)
  • Pay your invoice in a timely manner, if you cannot please message Samantha Gowanlock for payment extensions
  • No ignoring tag’s and personal messages on the facebook wall
Admin Team
Our two Admins are Dani Till and Randi Dueck. If I cannot be reached (usually when I’m cutting a round) These two ladies can help answer any questions or concerns.
I ship orders to the address indicated on Paypal. If you have moved or plan to move please give me at least a week notice of changing your address or leave a note within your order.
If your package is missing or arrives damaged please let me know within 24 hours so I can start a claim for insurance. Please note insurance only covers up to $100 for lost or missing packages. If you require additional insurance please reach out to us via facebook or email and we will invoice for additional insurance. Northern Rose Fabrics is not responsible for missing or damaged packages past the $100 covered insurance amount unless you have purchased additional insurance.
I DO allow combined shipping of up to 3 orders. Please leave a note with your order with who you would like to combine with. 
Some customers do not receive a tracking number for their pre-order or retail order or it is sent to their junk folder. You can usually find your tracking number in your paypal account. If you still cannot find your tracking number please let me know and I will more than happy to assist you. 
Lettermail is available by special request within Canada of $5 for either 2 youth sized panels, 3 infant panels, a half metre, or 1 adult panel. Please note there is no tracking for lettermail and I will not be liable for missing lettermail envelopes. I strongly encourage either paying the flat rate shipping or finding shipping buddies to cut down on shipping costs. 
  • Canada Wide $15 flat rate
  • US shipping is flat rate of $20
  • International shipping please contact us for the best price

Shipping costs are subject to change.

Layaway Terms
Please note there is a $5 fee for taking part in the layaway option. There is no minimum order required. 50 per cent is due immediately. The remaining balance has to be paid within 3 weeks. Please find the layaway code in our facebook group's pinned post to pay 50 per cent of your order. The remaining balance with the layaway fee will be invoiced to you within 3 weeks. Please pay within 48 hours of receiving your invoice. We will be invoicing full retail prices of fabric 1 week after an invoice is due. Failure to pay layaway will result in your removal of the facebook group and suspension of the use of future layaway orders. You can always message Samantha or the admins if you need an extension to pay your layaway. 
Claims or Disputes Through Paypal
Any PayPal dispute or claim filed without first contacting the group owner (Samantha Gowanlock) or admin(s) in attempts to reach a resolution will result in all current orders being cancelled/refunded and the immediate removal from the group. By purchasing anything from Northern Rose Fabrics you agree to the terms and conditions listed on the website



Cotton Lycra Jersey

  • 230-250 gsm 
  • 4 way stretch
  • approximate 58-60" wide
  • Commonly used for leggings, t-shirts, rompers, dresses, skirts, etc,

Bamboo Lycra

  • 200-220 gsm
  • Bamboo rayon 95 per cent 5 per cent lycra
  • 4 way stretch
  • Approximately 58-60" wide
  • Lighter weight than cotton lycra with much more drape
  • Very soft
  • Perfect for flowy dresses and tops

French terry

  • 260-280 gsm
  • 95 per cent cotton 5 per cent lycra
  • Approximately 58-60" wide
  • Slightly thicker than cotton lycra with small soft loops on the wrong size of the fabric
  • Commonly used for joggers, hoodies, and anything requiring more structured fabric
  • Our french terry has 4 way stretch


  • 220 gsm
  • 84 per cent poly, 16 per cent lycra
  • 50 spf rated
  • 58-60 inches wide
  • Used for bathing suits/performance wear

Double Brushed Polyester

  • 180-200 gsm
  • 95 per cent poly, 5 per cent spandex
  • Used for leggings, flowy tops, etc
  • Approximately 58-60 inches wide

Cotton Woven

  • 145 gsm
  • 100 % cotton
  • Approximately 55-58 inches wide
  • Used for blankets, bibs, anything not requiring stretch


  • 300 gsm
  • 100 % polyester
  • Approximately 56-58" wide
  • Double sided (both sides are super soft but only one side is printed)
  • Commonly used in baby blankets
  • We cannot guarantee if printing is with or against the nap of the fabric

Cotton Canvas

  • 240 gsm
  • 100 % cotton
  • Approximately 58 inches wide
  • Commonly used in bags, purses, wallets, etc

Super Plush

  • 280-300 gsm
  • 95 per cent polyester 5 per cent lycra
  • 4 way stretch
  • stretchy double sided minky
  • We cannot guarantee if printing is with or against the nap of the fabric


Thank you!

- Samantha and the admin team